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laser hair removal

5.0 rating

iv had some laser hair removal done before by a big chain clinic, i had 20 sessions and the results where less than what i expected. i decided to try somewhere else and found this place! they are around 25% cheaper than the 1st clinic and iv had 2 sessions so for and i have to say WOW!!! the difference is completely night and day i can already notice that most of my hairs have not grown slightly. i have great fait in this place and i could not recommend it enough.

paula wright

Laser hair removal

5.0 rating

Currently having laser hair removal done here and have to say I couldn’t be happier with the results.
2 sessions in and the hair is already significantly reduced.
The therapist are professional and knowledgeable. I used the finance to pay for my treatment which was so easy to get, my credit isn’t great and I was worried but the girl sent me the link in a email and I was accepted in 2 mins.
Can’t wait to get my back done next I would highly recommend Rejuvaderm Clinic.

Paul Mccure

Non Surgical Facelift

5.0 rating

Im currently having the Non-Surgical Facelift treatment at Rejuvaderm Clinic, i have had 3 sessions and can notice a huge difference even my friends and family members are remarking on how well my skin looks, cant wait for my next 3 sessions!


Already noticed the difference!

5.0 rating

I’m currently going through a laser hair removal course, after just two sessions I have already noticed the difference! It’s amazing how pain free it is too! I can’t actually feel anything… can’t wait to see what the end result is like!


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